What is Bioremediation?

Bioremediation or bioaugmentation is the process of utilizing natural organisms to convert unwanted waste into harmless substances. BioStim utilizes this process in the following manner.

A.  BioStim scientists examined numerous samples from various waste environments & isolated certain microbes (naturally occurring, yet specifically isolated bacteria) based on their inherent efficiency at digesting FOG.

B.  The microbes were then placed through a series of tests for performance, safety, and their ability to work together. All of BioStim’s formulas contain multiple strains of specifically chosen bacteria to ensure that they maintain their effectiveness in a wide variety of waste environments.

C.  BioStim scientists grow the microbes in BioStim’s own labs to maintain quality control.

D.  The microbes are then placed back into the waste environment in higher than normal concentrations via the monthly service.

E.  The microbes utilize the FOG as a food source to grow & thrive, and in the process convert the FOG and other organic waste into carbon dioxide & water.

F.  Without the continuous addition of BioStim bacteria, the waste environment will return to its previous state and slower growing bacteria with less efficiency will replace the more efficient FOG consuming BioStim bacteria.