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This video is of a three-compartment sink drain line in a dine in restaurant. The first video was taken immediately before the MicroDrip was installed. The second video shows the same section of line after only 30 days of treatment with the MicroDrip.

MicroDrip® Field Testing
: Before & After Study
Treated section of line-- Downstream of the BioPlug CS.

Note: Treated section begins AFTER the camera passes the mesh bags.

Untreated section of line-- Upstream
of the BioPlug CS.

BioPlug L® Field Testing

Case History: Chillicothe, Ohio Lift Station
Before and After 90 Days of Treatment with BioPlug® L
manhole to manhole

BioPlug ® CS Field Testing

Study: California, Independent Sewer Line Study

An independent engineering firm conducted a large study to determine the possible effectiveness of bioremediation in sewer "hot spots." The videos below document the BioStim research sections (upstream and downstream). Both sections of the line were cleaned via hydro-jetting prior to commencement of the study for a controlled study (see top photos). The lines were then permitted to accumulate FOG (fats, oils, and grease) for a period of 3.75 months. The upstream sections was left untreated, and the downstream section was treated with the BioPlug CS.

Results: Prior to the study, the line required monthly hydro-jetting. With BioStim treatment there was significant FOG reduction without monthly hydro-jetting.

MicroDrip® Field Testing: Buildup Study

This video is of a three compartment sink drain line in a major fast food chain restaurant. The restaurant had been utilizing a combination of quarterly hydro-jetting and an injection system containing biozymes for years. Even with both of these drain line maintenance measures the facility still had issues with blockages and backups on a weekly basis and had to replace the drain line approximately once every 10 years.

The owner decided to try the MicroDrip System. This file contains two videos. The first video shows the line in May 2007, two months after hydro-jetting. The second video shows the condition of the line after utilizing the MicroDrip Injection System for five months and WITHOUT hydro-jetting a total of seven months. Notice the cleanliness of the line and the ribbing which appears to be damage from the quarterly hydro-jetting. The facility has not had any blockages or backups in the drain line since the MicroDrip Injection System was installed.